The Diet That Starves Cancer Reverses Diabetes And Makes You Lose Weight Fast

What will it take to disabuse the bulk of food consumers that a no or low fat diet is really unhealthy. There are typical cardiologists who’ve recently declared that we want healthy fats to maintain good vas health.

The Diet That Starves Cancer  Reverses Diabetes And Makes You Lose Weight Fast

They have debunked the parable of cholesterol because the cause of clogged arteries and heart attacks and warned regarding statin drugs’ dangers. medicine drugs do lower cholesterol.

But brain and system tissue want cholesterol and alternative types of fats to make and maintain proper perform. medicine users have a high rate of dementia, as well as Alzheimer’s.

Skin cholesterol is what starts the conversion method of UVB sunlight exposure to vitamin D3 within the liver. while not cholesterol, there’s no conversion, so too little vitamin D3.

Now, recent thought research discoveries have shown that a high fat diet will reverse aggressive cancers. Don’t expect any faction of the cancer trade to disclose this.

They all got to receive funding to analysis patentable drugs that don’t cure whereas they keep killing with chemo, radiation, and surgery to enrich massive pharma.


There are many anecdotal cancer reversals with this diet, however the foremost amazing involves a former land lifting champion, trainer, and fortunate business owner Dr. Fred Hatfield. He has the doctor title as a result of he completed graduate studies in kinesiology.

Hatfield was diagnosed with aggressive, pathological process skeletal cancer. 3 doctors gave identical prognosis of 3 months left to measure. He desperately researched and came across the ketogenic diet as one thing he should try.

University of South FL metabolic man of science Dr. saint D’Agostino had discovered that cancerous mice UN agency were placed on high fat non-carbohydrate aldohexose diets recovered from cancer higher than mice on therapy.

Maybe that’s not spoken communication much, however Fred Hatfield had nothing to lose and place it to the test.

He avoided all carbohydrates and sugars. He consumed a good amount of excellent meats and much of excellent fats, not cheap trans-fatty acid modify oils or paste that are one molecule aloof from being plastic and cannot be metabolized.

Among the nice fats are eggs, avocado, cold ironed olive, flax seed, hemp oils, real butter, and the once vilified copra oil. Yes, even the reviled saturated fats. Hatfield’s cancer cleared up in an exceedingly few, short months and he was still in good health a year later.

Researcher Dr. D’Agostino has received communication from a dozen others who have with success used a ketogenic diet to reverse cancer.

Cancer cells ferment aldohexose to thrive because they're empty element that normal healthy cells use for metabolism. Good, healthy fats deliver fatty acids that are regenerate to energy bestowing ketones once the body’s cells area unit empty glucose.

Normal cells will convert ketones for energy; cancer cells cannot. therefore replacing aldohexose with ketones starves cancer cells. No aspect effects, aside from weight loss. Take that typical fat-free weight loss programs.

CBN health communicator Lorrie Johnson, who coated the Hatfield story, claims it’s okay to change the ketogenic diet somewhat once cancer is reversed. She uses a less strict ketogenic diet once extant her cancer. Introducing some complicated carbs that aren’t simply converted to glucose appears okay without cancer.

Regardless of the renowned fact that cancer cells thrive on straightforward sugars, oncologists ne'er warn their patients regarding this. Instead, they're fed frozen dessert or pastries usually while undergoing IV therapy.

All different cancer therapies have a cancer diet foundation that excludes sugar and easy carbohydrates that convert to glucose simply.

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